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Chapter I: The Arrival

by Luntara

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The Arrival 00:47
The Storm 04:00
Awaiting terror Deadly silence Mounting pressure Awful hesitance Moving closer Closer still Coming closer For the kill Feel the storm break In your conscience Mental overload Not from science Moving closer Closer still Coming closer For the kill For the kill For the kill Your body's broken On the floor This livng nightmare Is no more Moving closer Closer still Coming closer For the kill
Burning down across the sky, let the words be spoken Shed the weight of our time, we are the only constant Sulphur ride as ages burn, igneous and yearning Foretell the wake of coming end, a galaxy's desire Shattered bones under strain, sweeping riptide tomb Cities under oily black, a cruel manifestation We are lost before dawn And the ones who fell cried “Let it rain” Nth dimension storm bringers, if they knew that's what they'd say Interstellar machinations let the rain blot out the sky Withered essence of understanding, a flash of future scions Distraught faces searching for a taste of sweet denial Chain reaction of insight, a gift to the deserving few The seismic shock of rock on rock, apparent immolation Fissures rend agape Earth's skin, molten blood claim those who fail To see the coming of four keys, doors long since forgotten On the tips of tongues a word, could it be devastation? On the lips of scribes a sound foretelling this awakening We are lost before dawn And the ones who fell cried “Let it rain” Those mouths agasp as lava burns as blood sweeps away and skies crack Chasms swallow and a prophet awakes to the realisation of a star He speaks of a time of change, four corners of our world unite Wind lashes his words to silence, his misery to go unheard A signal sent to rally forth, silent arrival coming, time is short Cover of cloud and sleet and thunder, the scarecrow's silent laughing Some looked East, some prayed to God, gambit laid in false hope All the watered souls not in vain, a glorious beginning
It must feel like a lifetime since they felt its touch But they should not savour its taste For what they need to survive will now consume them As coasts lash and storm surge Desperation will reign Barren wastelands will flood As they play is made On the verge of the riddled truth This pouring shroud will eclipse their future As hazy visions descend Of eternal night How are these mortals so blind There will be no tears for those torn asunder In this symphony of violence and pain The sleeping now awaken The ice ablaze The Earth's inconsolable tune Prelude to this purge Mark its celebration The skies blood red hue A sign from the darkest corners of space
Signs 11:52
Initial reconnaisance To study their defence Enter through the night sky Overhead we silently fly The fear of the unknown Will bring mankind to its knees The stars above are warning us The signs in the crops are telling us We are the believers, we are the few There is nothing we can do Man will pray it's not too late Helping to seal Earth's fate Signs In the night sky Signs Overhead we fly Signs In the night sky Silently we fly They do not deserve this gift Man treats the Earth like shit Use resources that remain Take over the Earth's terrain Hide behind the raging storm And wait for our time to rise Chaos reigns on the streets below People running in the traffic flow The mighty city has become manic No I will not join this panic Terrified of the orbs above My thoughts are with the ones I love Signs In the night sky Signs Overhead we fly Signs In the night sky Sign Silently we fly The straw men gather on the hillside Looking beyond the crashing tide They saw the burning of the fields That kept its meanings, its meanings sealed A message ethed in wheat and grain Carved on the earth, a symbolic stain White collars ripped from their necks Their fatih in god put to the test Cult amass in church ruins Waiting for the change to beign Terror grips our hearts tight Every movement gives us fright, it gives us fright Is that a man upon the rooftops I just don't know I just don't know Those who have enlightened eyes Wander over barren skies Humans don't know how to react Embrace new gods or to attack? Add humanity to the list This will be our conquest Influence is subtle yet vast Planet will be ours at last Wait for another day We settle beneath the rock and clay Signs In the night sky Signs Overhead we fly Signs In the night sky Signs Silently we fly Signs In the night sky Signs Overhead we fly Signs In the night sky Signs Silently we fly Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs, (In the night sky) Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs, (In the night sky) Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs, (In the night sky) Signs, Signs, Signs, Signs, (In the night sky)
And so they faded into the blackness Leaving humanity in a state of unrest Unaware of hidden nests Man rebuilds from the rubble and mess But there was one who was not so lucky As he was to be engulfed by the sea And during what felt like eternity He has visions of what may yet be A conjoining of the four keys A race that shifts through earth and breathes Something ancient buried amidst the trees Walking in your world for all to see A prophet who'll break the seal To unlock a time of new ideals None shall withstands its will And on that day the Earth stood still
The messenger came to warn us all, he met with fear and hostility The world will soon face his wrath as he shuts the planet down Cars have halted in the streets and roads, suffocation in the elevators Citizens reach for their televisions, only to find no news transmissions A desert of armoured plates and steel, fighter jets and guns on wheels They march to the sound of the drums, but it cannot prepare them for what's to come Helpless military standing by, hulking machines a useless heap Command posts, man your battle stations for what may come on this day The day the Earth stood still From outer space, a monster sent to kill If we don't comply with what he has to say Will there be a day…? Now he has mankind's attention, they set their gaze and await his words He'd rather be mankind's saviour than be the destroyer of our world A time of change is upon the Earth, the ideals of man will begin anew As they remember the old songs and sing them to the skies And I stand to gaze into your eyes I wish only to break your human ties To take you away, away from the war And to show you so much more
Blues turn to black in this place Icy chills, deathly embrace Undertow I can't espace Will I share Davey Jones' fate? Pulling grasping around my form Battered by the raging storm Seldom help from the sky above Light lies too far, too late The ones below bide their time The ones above not so devine Cliff side lies beyond my reach Slamming surge, crushing waves Do I regret the life I've led? Storm winds gather overhead Seething currents bleeds blood red No words to say, no tears to shed Centuries they mock until upheaved Cast from this tomb across the sea Riptide sucks and ocean swells Lighthouse blasts an icy bell A sweeping light ti never tell My exile to underwater hell Fog descends no sight to save Submerged beneath the crashing wave Forsaken by the almighty's gaze Will this be my end of days Siren lear upon the way Seducing with their snakelike sway A watery grave is all I'll gain Chained to the wreck of the Elizabeth Dane Faces now form around limbs weighted as arms fall down Encased in stone for years to dwell the hunger of my inner self Smash of bone upon the rocks blinded by the light of day Crawl past the scarecrow's grin a tale to tell along the way To fight, to live, the choice is made A surging tide, my cries in vain To fight, to live, the choice is made A surging tide, my soul in vain Don't tell me, all I am The mirror shows how deep this goes Fall through yourself until you reach the real Fall through into subteranean hell Locked down, locked in Entrenched am I
Fragments 03:07
Forsaken, by all that I once knew Forsaken, by all that I am Down, falling through the void And torn, a shred of recognition Cast out, by this My curse, of indecision This life, all that failed To be, a promise never held No fate, herein but For what, we make for ourselves Like fate, and all I hear are bells In spinning repetition Celebrate, our suffering they Venerate, our wasted pleas This voice, of delirium Rings out, a chorus of Misery, our empty shells Bleed out scattered to Eternity Nothing left to see Crumbled, dust like fantasies Faces, of flesh and fingers cut On this, fragmented history Hear the ones in the void sing Splintered shell of the echoes They sing to release this life They sing to reveal this lie


The Debut album from Luntara, originally released in 2012.


released August 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Luntara England, UK

Emerging blinking into the light from your closest habitable star system, called to the surface by the mysterious green satellite now in orbit around the Earth, Luntara exit their secret bunker where they have been holed up writing and recording and eating fried chicken… ... more

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